Lobby Artwork

The paintings in the lobby of 222 Main are the creations of California artist Kathleen Lipinski. They were commissioned by 222 Main and completed in November 2009. The painting in the elevator lobby is oil on canvas, eight feet tall by four feet wide, entitled “Emerald Pools Trail.” The painting in the main lobby, east of the Security Desk is entitled “The Watchman and the Virgin River.” It is also oil on canvas and measures eight feet tall by fourteen feet wide

After viewing 222 Main under construction, Kathleen began her tour of Utah with a five-hour flight beginning at dawn over the Wasatch Mountains and continuing to Bryce Canyon and Zion. Kathleen hiked the Wasatch Mountains and explored southern Utah on foot. After taking hundreds of pictures of the gorgeous Utah landscape, she submitted six sets of landscape photos. A slot canyon at Emerald Pools and an image of the Virgin River, both in Zion National Park, were selected to become the subjects of the two paintings. The canvas was stretched on August 1, 2009; both works were finished and hung four months later in November.


222 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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