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General Rules & Regulations

Please see the Building Standards Manual found in the Forms section of this handbook.

  1. No sign, placard, picture, advertisement, name or notice shall be installed or displayed on any part of the outside or inside of the Building or Land without the prior written consent of the Landlord. Landlord shall have the right to remove, at Tenant’s expense and without notice, any sign installed or displayed in violation of this rule. All approved signs or lettering on doors and walls shall be printed, painted, affixed or inscribed at the expense of Tenant by a person chosen by Tenant and approved by Landlord.
  2. If Landlord objects in writing to any curtains, blinds, shades, screens or hanging plants or other similar objects attached to or used in connection with any window or door of the Premises and visible from outside the Building (other than those installed and/or approved by Landlord), Tenant shall immediately discontinue such use. No awning shall be permitted on any part of the Premises. Tenant shall not place anything against or near glass partitions or doors or windows which may appear unsightly from outside the Premises.
  3. Tenant shall not obstruct any sidewalk, halls, passages, exits, entrances, elevators, and stairways of the Building outside of the Premises. The halls, passages, exits, entrances, elevators, escalators and stairways are not open to the general public. Landlord shall in all cases retain the right to control and prevent access to such areas of all persons whose presence in the judgment of Landlord would be prejudicial to the safety, character, reputation and interest of the Land, Building and the Building’s tenants; provided that, nothing in this Lease contained shall be construed to prevent such access to persons with whom any Tenant normally deals in the ordinary course of its business, unless such persons are engaged in illegal activities. Tenant shall not go upon the roof of the Building except as permitted under the Lease.
  4. With respect to Tenant, if requested by Tenant, the directory of the Building will be provided exclusively for the display of the name and location of Tenant, the name of each of Tenant's professionals and other employees, and the name of any approved subtenants, and Landlord reserves the right to exclude any other names therefrom. Tenant shall be provided space on the Electronic Directory.
  5. All cleaning and janitorial services for the Building and the Premises shall be provided exclusively by contractors approved by Landlord (subject to the terms of the Lease) and shall be an Operating Cost (Net of Property Taxes) unless otherwise agreed by Landlord and Tenant. Except with the written consent of Landlord, no person or persons other than those approved by Landlord shall be employed by Tenant or permitted to enter the Building for the purpose of cleaning the same. Cleaning and janitorial services shall be provided as set forth in the Lease. Tenant shall not cause any unnecessary labor by carelessness or indifference to the good order and cleanliness of the Premises. Landlord shall not in any way be responsible to any Tenant for any loss of property on the Premises, however occurring, or for any damage to any Tenant’s property by the janitor, any of Landlord’s Agents or any other person.
  6. Landlord will furnish Tenant, free of charge, two (2) keys to each door lock in the Premises. Landlord may make a reasonable charge for any additional keys. Tenant shall not make or have made additional keys, and Tenant shall not alter any lock or install a new additional lock or bolt on any door of its Premises. Tenant, upon the termination of its tenancy, shall deliver to Landlord the keys of all doors which have been furnished to Tenant, and in the event of loss of any keys so furnished, shall pay Landlord therefor.
  7. The Building is a non-smoking facility. Landlord shall have the right, from time to time in its sole discretion, to establish “smoke-free” perimeters surrounding the Building entrances and exits within which smoking shall not be permitted.
  8. If Tenant requires Telecommunication Services, computer circuits, burglar alarm or similar services or other utility services, it shall first obtain Landlord’s approval of the construction or installation of such services. Application for such services shall be made in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Landlord in the Lease.
  9. Tenant shall not place a load upon any floor of the Premises which exceeds the load per square foot which such floor was designed to carry, and which is allowed by Governmental Requirements. Landlord shall have the right to prescribe the weight, size and position of all equipment, materials, furniture or other property brought into the Building. Heavy objects shall, if considered necessary by Landlord, stand on such platforms as reasonably determined by Landlord to be necessary to properly distribute the weight. Business machines and mechanical equipment belonging to Tenant, which cause noise or vibration that may be transmitted to the structure of the Building or to any space in the Building or to any other tenant in the Building, shall be placed and maintained by Tenant, at Tenant’s expense, on vibration eliminators or other devices sufficient to eliminate noise or vibration. The persons employed to move such equipment in or out of the Building must be acceptable to Landlord. Landlord will not be responsible for loss of, or damage to, any such equipment or other property from any cause, and all damage done to the Building by maintaining or moving such equipment or other property shall be repaired at the expense of Tenant.
  10. Tenant shall not use or keep in the Premises any kerosene, gasoline or inflammable or combustible fluid or material other than those limited quantities permitted by the Lease. Tenant shall not use or permit to be used in the Premises any foul or noxious gas or substance, or permit or allow the Premises to be occupied or used in a manner offensive or objectionable to Landlord or other occupants of the Building by reason of noise, odors or vibrations nor shall Tenant bring into or keep in or about the Premises any birds or animals (other than service pets).
  11. Tenant shall not use any method of heating or air conditioning other than that supplied by Landlord or as permitted under or approved pursuant to the Lease.
  12. Tenant shall comply with any governmental energy-saving rules, laws or regulations of which Tenant has actual notice.
  13. Subject to the limitations contained in the Lease, Landlord reserves the right, exercisable without notice and without liability to Tenant, to change the name and street address of the Building.
  14. Landlord reserves the right to exclude from the Building between the hours of 6:00 pm and 7:00 am the following day, or such other hours as may be established from time to time by Landlord, and on Sundays and Holidays, any person unless that person is known to the person or employee in charge of the Building and has a pass or is properly identified. Tenant shall be responsible for all persons for whom it requests passes and shall be liable to Landlord for all acts of such persons. Landlord shall not be liable for damages for any error with regard to the admission to or exclusion from the Building of any person. Landlord reserves the right to prevent access to the Building in case of invasion, mob, riot, public excitement or other commotion by closing the doors or by other appropriate action.
  15. Tenant shall close and lock the doors of its Premises and entirely shut off all water faucets or other water apparatus, before Tenant and its employees leave the Premises. Tenant shall be responsible for any damage or injuries sustained by other tenants or occupants of the Building or by Landlord for noncompliance with this rule. Tenant shall not obtain for delivery and use on the Premises ice, drinking water, food, beverage, towel or other similar services, except under such reasonable regulations as may be fixed by Landlord.
  16. The toilet rooms, toilets, urinals, wash bowls and other apparatus shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed, and no foreign substance of any kind whatsoever shall be deposited in them. The expenses of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from the violation of this rule shall be borne by Tenant if it or its employees or invitees shall have caused the violation.
  17. Tenant shall not sell, or permit the sale at retail, of newspapers, magazines, periodicals, theater tickets or any other goods or merchandise to the general public in or on the Premises. Tenant shall not make any room-to-room solicitation of business from other tenants in the Building. Tenant shall not use the Premises for any business or activity other than that permitted in the Lease.
  18. Except as set forth in the Lease, Tenant shall not install any radio or television antenna, loudspeaker or other device on the roof or exterior walls of the Building. Tenant shall not interfere with radio or television broadcasting or reception from or in the Building or elsewhere. Other than the usual and customary cellular telephones, Tenant shall not install or utilize any wireless Telecommunication Facilities, including antenna and satellite receiver dishes within the Premises or on, in, or about the Building without first obtaining Landlord’s prior written consent and Landlord at its option may require the entry of a supplemental agreement with respect to such construction or installation. Tenant shall comply with all instructions for installation and shall pay or shall cause to be paid the entire cost of such installations. Application for such facilities shall be made in the same manner and shall be subject to the same requirements as specified for Telecommunication Services and Telecommunication Facilities in the paragraph of the Lease entitled “Utilities.”  Supplemental rules and regulations may be promulgated by Landlord specifying the form of and information to be included with the application and establishing procedures, regulations and controls with respect to the installation and use of such wireless Telecommunication Facilities.
  19. Tenant shall not mark, drive nails, screws or drill into the partitions, woodwork or plaster or in any way deface the Premises, except to hang or display artwork or similar decorations. Landlord reserves the right to direct electricians as to where and how telephone and telegraph wires are to be introduced to the Premises. Tenant shall not cut or bore holes for wires except as needed for Tenant’s voice and data installations that are permitted under the terms of this Lease. Tenant shall not affix any floor covering to the floor of the Premises in any manner except as approved by Landlord. Tenant shall repair any damage resulting from noncompliance with this rule.
  20. Canvassing, soliciting and distribution of handbills or any other written material, and peddling in the Building or Land are prohibited, and Tenant shall cooperate to prevent the same.
  21. Landlord reserves the right to exclude or expel from the Building and Land any person who, in Landlord’s judgment, is intoxicated, under the influence of liquor or drugs or in violation of any of these Rules and Regulations.
  22. Tenant shall store all of its trash and garbage within the Premises. Tenant shall not place in any trash box or receptacle any material which cannot be disposed of in the ordinary and customary manner of trash and garbage disposal. All garbage and refuse disposal shall be made in accordance with directions issued from time to time by Landlord.
  23. The Premises shall not be used for lodging or any illegal purpose. No cooking shall be done or permitted by Tenant, except that use by Tenant of Underwriters’ Laboratory approved equipment for microwaving or heating food, brewing coffee, tea, hot chocolate and similar beverages and foods shall be permitted; provided that, such equipment and its use is in accordance with all Governmental Requirements.
  24. Tenant shall not use in the Premises or in the public halls of the Building any hand truck except those equipped with rubber tires and side guards or such other material-handling equipment as Landlord may approve in writing. Tenant shall not bring any other vehicles of any kind into the Building.
  25. Without the prior written consent of Landlord, Tenant shall not use the name of the Building in connection with or in promoting or advertising the business of Tenant except as Tenant’s address.
  26. Tenant shall comply with all safety, fire protection and evacuation procedures and regulations established by Landlord or any governmental agency.
  27. Tenant assumes any and all responsibility for protecting the Premises from theft, robbery and pilferage, which includes keeping doors locked and other means of entry to the Premises closed.
  28. The requirements of Tenant will be attended to only upon appropriate application to the Manager of the Building by an authorized individual. Employees of Landlord are not required to perform any work or do anything outside of their regular duties unless under special instructions from Landlord, and no employee of Landlord is required to admit Tenant to any space other than the Premises without specific instructions from Landlord.
  29. Tenant shall not park its vehicles in any parking areas designated by Landlord as areas for parking by visitors to the Building or Land. Tenant shall not leave vehicles in the Parking Area overnight nor park any vehicles in the Parking Area other than automobiles, motorcycles, motor driven or non-motor driven bicycles or four-wheeled trucks.
  30. The Landlord may, upon request by any tenant waive the compliance by such tenant of any of the foregoing rules and regulations, provided that (i) no waiver shall be effective unless signed by Landlord or Landlord’s Agent, (ii) any such waiver shall not relieve such tenant from the obligation to comply with such rule or regulation in the future unless expressly consented to by Landlord, and (iii) no waiver granted to any tenant shall relieve any other tenant from the obligation of complying with the foregoing rules and regulations unless such other tenant has received a similar waiver in writing from Landlord. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord shall enforce the Rules or Regulations in a uniform and non-discriminatory manner.
  31. These Rules and Regulations are in addition to, and shall not be construed to in any way modify or amend, in whole or in part, the covenants and conditions of any lease of premises in the Building. If any provision of these Rules and Regulations conflicts with any provision of the Lease, the terms of the Lease shall prevail.
  32. Landlord reserves the right to make such other and reasonable Rules and Regulations as, in its judgment, may from time to time be needed for safety and security, the care and cleanliness of the Building and Land, the preservation of good order in the Building and the maintenance or enhancement of the value of the Building as a rental property. Tenant agrees to abide by all the Rules and Regulations stated in this exhibit and any additional rules and regulations which are so made by Landlord as long as they are reasonable.
  33. Tenant shall be responsible for the observance of all of the foregoing rules by Tenant and Tenant’s Agents

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