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222 Main has eight elevators in the main building, plus two elevators exclusive to the parking garage.

In the main elevator bank, the back four (Elevators 1-4) serve floors 1-14, while the front four (Elevators 5-8) serve floors 1 and 14-22.

The freight elevator (Elevator 7) serves all floors, and is accessible from the rear, near the dock on the ground floor or in a north hallway on all other floors. The freight elevator is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.  Large deliveries must be scheduled 24 hours in advance so other contractors can be notified. Please give Building Management as much advanced notice as possible when scheduling deliveries.  If a vendor calls 24 hours in advance and another delivery is already scheduled, the first vendor gets priority.

The freight elevator must be used for all equipment or tools; all other elevators are reserved for passengers only.

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